VitaFoods Asia Conference, Singapore – Key Highlights!

1 October, 2019

Last week I attended the VitaFoods Asia conference in Singapore. Delegates from across the globe attended the VitaFoods Asia conference which focused on five key platforms: Personalized nutrition, Nutricosmetics, Digestive health, Mental well being and Sports and Fitness nutrition. Industry experts discussed current nutraceutical business challenges, opportunities and market innovation in these core functional areas.

In the presentation below, you will find some key highlights of the VitaFoods Asia conference from a nutrition perspective. The highlights include 2019 food and beverage trends; healthy food marketing strategies discussed by the Health Food Marketing Team; and new nutrient and ingredient news.

In terms of new ingredients, probiotics and the range of health benefits which extend beyond gastrointestinal health deserves special attention! Going forward, all new innovations are likely to need pre and probiotic bundles.

I hope you find this information helpful.