Savour your cup of tea – 5 health benefits of tea

A strong cup of black tea with a wee bit of low-fat milk is a must for me at least three times a day. I enjoy ‘me’ time with it and each time I drink a cup, it helps me relax, recharge and keeps me going.  Some say I drink too much tea, but the science emphasizes the advantages of black tea and the health benefits of black tea, so now I savour every precious sip and so should you, if you are a hard-core tea drinker like me!

Following is a list of 5 black tea benefits and I hope that after reading this information, you will also appreciate the health benefits of black tea:

Health Benefit 1: Good for your heart

Plant chemicals known as flavonoids can help reduce the risk of heart disease (1). One of the advantages of black tea, is that it is rich in flavonoids. An 8oz. cup of brewed caffeinated black tea provides approximately 282mg of flavonoids and brewed decaffeinated black tea provides 137mg of flavonoids (2). And the good news is, the longer you steep the tea bag or boil the tea, the more flavonoids you’ll get in your brew!

Health Benefit 2: Caffeine levels are low

While an 8oz. cup of brewed coffee provides 95 to 165mg of caffeine and a cup of instant coffee provides 63mg of caffeine, a cup of brewed tea only provides 25 to 48mg of caffeine (3). Considering that health authorities recommend no more than 300mg to 400mg of caffeine daily, you don’t need to worry about exceeding caffeine limits with tea.

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Health Benefit 3: Improves attention and alertness

Another advantage of black tea, is that it contains theanine, an amino acid. The combination of theanine and caffeine helps improve attention and alertness levels (4).  

Health Benefit 4: Hydration

While tea dehydrates slightly, a key black tea benefit is that it hydrates way more than it dehydrates, as it contains 99.5% water. If you are a hard-core tea drinker like me, then tea is probably one of the main sources of fluids for you.

Health Benefit 5: Calorie contribution is limited!

Another black tea benefit is that tea on its own does not contribute calories to your diet. If you add two teaspoons of low-fat milk and no sugar, the total calorie contribution will be 4 calories; and if you add a teaspoon of sugar, it adds up to 24 calories.  

So, don’t overthink your black tea habit … just sit back, savour and enjoy the advantages and health benefits of black tea!


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