New Product Development and Claim Guidance

Our nutrition consultants will work with you from ideation to execution, to ensure that your new Food and Beverage Innovation:

  • Is truly differentiated versus the competition
  • Offers science-based benefits
  • Is defined as a ‘healthier’ option
  • Meets consumer nutrition and / or health needs
  • Can be backed by regulatory approved claims and communication messages
  • Claims and communication messages resonate with consumers

The Job Scope:

  • Review nutrition benefits, nutrient and health trends, consumer insights and competitors products, to generate ideas for new Food and Beverage Innovations
  • Build strong concepts, which are in sync with consumer needs, credible nutrition science and local regulations
  • Develop ingredient, nutrient and food base criteria for healthier differentiated product development, based on winning concepts
  • Define research, claims, communication and  activation plans, to enable product promotion and consumer engagement