New Product Development and Claim Guidance

We offer comprehensive nutrition claims and communication support, to help you engage with and then stay connected with consumers and health care professionals in the online space.

  • In phase 1, our nutrition consultants define nutrition claims and communication message road maps, that are in sync with product benefits, consumer needs and local regulations. We also support product activation and promotion, sales force training, and healthier recipe development.
  • In phase 2, our nutrition consultants guide future research roll out for new-news, new nutrition claims and communication and product promotion. They also develop onsite and online nutrition communication messages, to support engagement.

The Job Scope:

Phase 1

  • Combine product benefit science, consumer insights, and regulations for nutrition claim and regulatory dossier development.
  • Define nutrition claim and communication road maps and key messages for the product / brand.
  • Recommend activation plans, to stay connected with health care professionals and consumers onsite.
  • Develop and roll out sales tool kits, and sale training workshops.
  • Healthier recipe development and nutrition analysis.

Phase 2

  • Guide scientific research to support future nutrition claims and communication, product promotion and activation.
  • Develop online* and below the line nutrition communication collaterals, for a wide range of audiences from GPs to end consumers
  • Evaluate user profile and feedback, for robust nutrition claim and communication development and roll out.

*SEO optimized online content can be provided if required. We can also develop animated content and videos; and support graphic design for all online content.