About Us

Yashna Harjani, Founder-Director of VeVeva Nutrition Pte. Ltd., is an Accredited Nutritionist based in Singapore.

As an experienced corporate nutrition specialist, she brings to the table over 25 years of nutrition consultancy experience, 14 of which were with PepsiCo.  At PepsiCo, Yashna drove the nutrition strategy for healthier product innovations, nutrition claims and communications, external engagement and advocacy for a diverse portfolio of food and beverage products in multiple Asia, Middle East and North Africa (AMENA) markets. Having lived and worked in India, Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai and Dubai, she understands the varied needs of consumers and policy impact in different markets, and provides nutrition consultancy with a multi-country opportunity lens.

Prior to PepsiCo, she had her own private nutrition consultancy company operating out of Pune, India; and she has also worked with Food and Nutrition Specialists Pte. Ltd., a corporate nutrition consultancy company in Singapore. As a nutrition specialist, she provided guidance to a wide range of food and beverage manufacturers (Herbalife, Unilever, Coca Cola, Ayam Brand, Gardenia etc.,), and AFIC (Asian Food Information Centre). Yashna has also worked as a nutrition wellness facilitator, nutrition consultant and dietitian for hospitals, supermarkets, fitness centres and worksites in Singapore and India. She is a prolific writer and many of her articles have been published in popular consumer publications in Singapore and India.

Yashna Harjani Nutrition Consultant

As a nutrition consultant, Yashna effectively combines nutrition science, with business acumen; communication know-how; consumer insights, regulations, nutrition policies and the overall external environment in the AMENA sector. This unique expertise can be leveraged for differentiated product development; nutrition claims and communication messaging; nutrition content development for e-commerce marketing; nutrition training and external engagement and advocacy.

With her passion for nutrition and desire to help people lead healthy lifestyles, she makes for a great nutrition speaker and counsellor too!