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About the Founder - Director

Yashna Harjani is the Founder-Director of VeVeva Nutrition Pte. Ltd. She has over 25 years of corporate nutrition consultancy experience, 14 of which were with PepsiCo, in different markets in the Asia, Middle East and North Africa (AMENA) sector. With considerable corporate nutrition consultancy experience, Yashna Harjani can provide the strategic nutrition guidance your organization needs, to expand and grow profitably in the health and wellness space, in multiple AMENA markets.

Yashna Harjani Nutrition Consultant

Corporate Nutrition Consultancy Services

Corporate Nutrition Consultancy Services

“We will partner with you to effectively innovate, communicate and promote healthy food and beverages, from ideation to execution”

A well-defined corporate nutrition strategy is essential for profitable growth of the food and beverage industry, that operates in the health and wellness space. This corporate nutrition guidance is more important today than it has ever been, as in the emerging ecommerce space, you not only need to cater to consumers onsite, but also online. And this online world requires constant nutrition-linked consumer engagement.

At VeVeva Nutrition, our corporate nutrition consultants combine nutrition science, with business acumen; communication know-how; insights about consumers, regulations, health policies and the overall external environment to help you effectively innovate, communicate and activate healthy food and beverages from ideation to execution.

Our corporate nutrition consultancy services include:

New Product Development and Claim Guidance

Product Development And Claim Guidance


Nutrition guidance for new product development extends from concept to product promotion stage.

Our corporate nutrition consultants provide holistic guidance from ground up, to ensure your product is truly differentiated, healthier and can be backed by strong claims and communication messages.


Holistic Nutrition Communication Strategy

Holistic Nutrition Communication Strategy


A well-rounded nutrition communication strategy can help build and maintain a strong connection between your product and your customer.

Our corporate nutrition consultants provide guidance on claims and communication; and direction on social media messaging, to keep consumers engaged through the product life cycle.


Nutrition Capability Building

Nutrition Capability Building


To effectively support growth of health and wellness-focused brands, employees need to understand and appreciate nutrition science.

Our corporate nutrition consultants will work with you, to plan and roll out a nutrition capability building program, that meets with your organizations needs.

External Engagement and Advocacy

External Engagement and Advocacy


To publicize healthier products and categories, build trust in the brand and products externally, and seek guidance on emerging opportunities and headwinds, businesses need an effective external advocacy strategy.

Our corporate nutrition consultants will work with you, to define and roll out a robust external engagement and advocacy strategy.


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